Why is spring so popular?

With days getting longer, and a certain something in the air – Springtime has been proven to be the best time to sell a home. We look at a few quick tips on how to seize the moment and get your home ready for sale.

According to research from property advice experts The Advisory1, and reports from a number of other estate agents, Spring is the most popular time for selling properties, from mid-February through to late June being the peak, and representing a great opportunity to get your home on the market if you’re looking to make a move this year.

Top tips to get on the market

We’ve assembled a few useful and budget tips that you may find helpful to get the most from your property sale, both to maximise value and increase the chances of a quick sale this Spring:

A sparkling clean home not only looks appealing but also signals to buyers that the property is well-maintained. A declutter is recommended to help buyers envisage what the property would be like if they lived there – however, there is a fine line between having a clear out and leaving the property like a generic hotel, so leave some personality there if you can.

Enhance your home’s curb appeal with a well-manicured garden. First impressions are crucial, and a blooming garden can be a deciding factor for potential buyers – be sure to clear pathways and ensure fences & gates are in good condition too.

Addressing minor fixes before listing can significantly impact the perceived value of your home, making it more enticing to buyers and something that they can move into straight away.

Clean everything until it sparkles. Get rid of limescale, clean and repair tile grout, wax wooden floors, get rid of odours, hang up fresh towels. This will make the place more appealing and allow viewers to imagine living there.

Consider a fresh coat of paint in neutral tones to brighten interiors and appeal to a wider audience.

It almost goes without saying but a bad smell at your property is likely to be a big turn-off for prospective buyers – don’t just mask the smell but find the source and eradicate it. It’s also worthwhile clearing drains, emptying and washing bins, and opening windows to allow a good airflow to remove old cooking smells too. One tip to remove any stale cigarette smells is to leave bowls of vinegar around the property for a few days to neutralise the atmosphere.

Ensure your home is well-lit, and if feasible, scheduling viewings that take place during the hours of daylight will help showcase your home in the best possible way, creating a warm, inviting atmosphere.

First impressions count – research from YouGov has demonstrated that prospective buyers say well-maintained windows and a roof appearing in good condition, were the most important external features when viewing a property2.

All these tips can help you get the most from your property when it comes to sell. By making it as easy as possible for prospective buyers to fall in love with your home and to see themselves living there, the easier it is to get a quick sale, and potentially even increase the final sales value that your property goes for.

Dedicated advice for your circumstances

Don’t forget that we’re here to help you on your journey. Our dedicated team can provide the seasoned professional mortgage & protection advice you need to help make the transition to your new home even easier. Just get in touch with us to find out more and we’ll be there for you every step of the way.

Contact the team on 01565 874 246
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Your home / property may be repossessed if you do not keep up with repayments on your mortgage. There may be a fee for mortgage advice. The precise amount will depend on your circumstances and will be agreed with you before proceeding but estimate this to be £750 for purchases and £399 for remortgages. 


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