We can help ease the
mortgage process

Applying for a mortgage can be challenging for all sorts of reasons. Our team of experienced advisors are here to guide you through the mortgage maze, supporting you on the journey to acquiring a mortgage that suits you and your situation. 

What are lenders looking for?

Securing a mortgage deal is about being able to demonstrate to the lender that their money is safe with you and that you will be able to meet the repayments over the mortgage term.  

Take action to improve your application success

We know the mortgage market and understand what lenders are looking for when reviewing an application. We could use our knowledge and expertise to push through the application more easily and will handle all the paperwork along the way.

Enjoy a smoother mortgage journey

We have listed some key things to be aware of when applying for a mortgage as they will affect how mortgage lenders look at your situation. 

Many websites offer customers the opportunity to pay back the cost of goods and services over the short-term, such as Paypal or Klarna. However, this could send a signal to your potential mortgage provider that you are overstretching yourself and unable to afford the entire purchase in one go.

If you can, clear the balance on your store cards at the end of every month to avoid doubt that you are struggling financially. If this isn’t possible, try and pay more than the minimum payment as this will help. 

It’s great if you have family who can afford to gift money for a deposit, but it can’t be given as a loan as your mortgage application could be declined. 

Mortgage lenders are looking for as much certainty as possible when it comes to employment, so constancy of job role is beneficial. However, employment isn’t a deciding factor and lenders are generally happy so long as you can show evidence of your next role.

If you’re self-employed and receive payment for services in cash (for example, cleaners, car washers, dog walkers, mobile hairdressers, or tutors) then it’s harder for a mortgage lender to measure your income, unless proof can be provided such as a tax return. 

There’s always a lot of form filling and paperwork involved when you apply for a mortgage. We can support you through the process, completing the mortgage application accurately and on your behalf.

The odd flutter every now and again is harmless fun. However, regular gambling with larger sums of money could be flagged as risky, lowering your chances of being seen as a safe bet when it comes to a lender offering a mortgage on a new home.  

Your dream of home ownership made possible

Having Mallory Financial on your side, providing expert advice and support throughout the process, will give you reassurance knowing that we will do our utmost to secure you the most appropriate mortgage deal for your situation. 

Contact the team on 01565 874 246
Email: hello@malloryfinancial.co.uk 

Your home / property may be repossessed if you do not keep up with repayments on your mortgage. There may be a fee for mortgage advice. The precise amount will depend on your circumstances and will be agreed with you before proceeding but estimate this to be £750 for purchases and £399 for remortgages. 

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