Insurance that would offer peace of mind when you need it most

Have you thought about long you could last for if something were to happen, and you lost your income? Protection insurance would provide reassurance to your dearest if you became ill, had an accident, or worse still, and your ability to earn was affected. 

Cover to suit your needs

There are three policy types you could consider. Our advisors can take you through each one and make recommendations most appropriate to your needs and circumstances. 

Life insurance can help minimise the financial impact that your death can have on your family and loved ones, ensuring they are looked after if you were to die. Most policies pay out a cash lump sum to settle any debts, including a mortgage or credit card, or to cover day-to-day living costs, offering peace of mind to those you care about most.

Critical Illness Cover could potentially pay out a sum if you are diagnosed with, or undergo a medical procedure for one of a list of specified critical illnesses set out by your provider, during the length of your policy. This can then be used to help with childcare costs, household bills or maintaining your standard of living, if you take time off work to recover from illness.

of policy provides tax-free regular income if you’re unable to work due to accident or illness, which takes the worry out of paying existing monthly outgoings, like a mortgage, until you’re well enough to go back to work again. 

We are here to provide the right protection for you 

By taking out the right protection you can be reassured that, if a life event were to happen, your living standards could be sustained, providing an element of relief at an emotionally challenging time. 

*Legal and General (2023) Deadline to Breadline 2022. Availability and cost of cover is subject to criteria such as health and lifestyle questions, medical history, underwriter review and cover availability.

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