Safeguard your home and sleep better at night

Having the right insurance in place can help to save you many sleepless nights when it comes to your home and your finances.

Protection for your home

It’s likely that your home is the biggest financial commitment you’ll ever make, so its natural you’ll want to protect it from something happening, such as a fire, storm damage or burglary. This type of insurance covers the structure of your home, permanent fixtures, and fittings, and could also cover everything that’s in it. 

Let us find the right insurance for you

With so many different home and content insurance policies out there, it can be confusing and there’s a danger you could find yourself underinsured. That’s why it’s always worth speaking to a trusted mortgage and insurance advisor first. 

We can give you peace of mind

Leave it to the experts and let us search the market for the right one to suit your every need. You can be assured that we’ll aim to recommend the insurance products that we believe are the most suitable for your circumstances. We’ll help to simplify the jargon and we can also look at protecting more unusual aspects, dependant on your requirements. 

We are here for your other protection needs

Alongside home and contents insurance, we also offer advice on a range of other protection products such as income protection, life insurance and critical illness cover.

We can help you feel rest assured so you can carry on with your life and sleep easy at night. 

Call us on 01565 874 246 or book an appointment below.

Availability and cost of cover is subject to criteria such as age, lifestyle, current health, and medical history.

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