We insure our cars and homes, but what about insuring you or your partner?

Taking out insurance on our cars, homes, gadgets and pets is a given. But what if something were to happen to you or your partner? Have you considered how long you could continue to pay the bills for if you didn’t have an income?

Life is complicated but organising insurance shouldn’t be

With Mallory Financial, we help to make finding the right protection solution easier. We do all the hard work spending time understanding your situation, needs and budget before we research the market, reviewing a wide range of deals to find the relevant options for you and your situation.

“Households are only 19 days from the breadline”.

“60% of households have less than £5,000 in savings, and 16% have no savings at all”.¹

Legal & General

Products designed to offer the level of protection you’re searching for

Provides peace of mind for your family if the worst were to happen.

Having a policy would provide a lump sum pay-out that could be used to pay off the mortgage, cover household bills or clear credit cards, for example. 

Support yourself and your family in the event you were diagnosed with a serious illness.

Having this form of protection would potentially pay out a lump sum that could help maintain your current standard of living and would remove financial stress whilst you are poorly or undergoing medical procedures. 

Financial security if you couldn’t work due to sickness or injury.

Having income protection could help significantly with the running costs of a home as well as taking away the financial stress whilst you’re out of work. 

Protection advice from people who care

We are experts in insurance and can help guide you through the different options that are relevant to you, providing you and your family with reassurance knowing that you could maintain your lifestyle if a life event were to happen. 

We are here for you, whenever you are ready.

Availability and cost of cover is subject to criteria such as health and lifestyle questions, medical history, underwriter review and cover availability.

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