The older generation may be able to assist by releasing equity from their own home

Do you have children or grandchildren struggling to fund their first step on the property ladder? If you are a homeowner, you could be in a position to enable the younger generation to purchase their first home by releasing cash tied up in your own property. 

The current mortgage market for first-time buyers

The situation remains uncertain for those looking to take their initial step towards home ownership. Lenders are putting up rates and withdrawing deals potentially leading to higher costs and a harder time finding a suitable mortgage. 

The right mortgage deal for your first home

We have the expertise and the resources to help make your mortgage dreams a reality. With direct access to high street lenders and specialist mortgage providers, who offer solutions for different situations, you may have more choices that you think. 

Why remortgaging might work?

Yes, you can also release equity through remortgaging, which involves sourcing a new mortgage deal for your current property and drawing down additional funds to support the house purchase of your family member. 

Remortgaging a relatively straight forward process with our experienced advisors being able to help you understand your options and the approach that would work best for you.

Is later life lending an option?

If you are over 55, later life lending may be an option for you to release some of the equity tied up in your home without having to move. You could then gift this to a family member to assist them with the down payment.

We care about our clients

We have mortgage advisors who will only give mortgage and protection advice that is right for you and your individual situation. You can trust us to review your needs and situation and put them top of our list!

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