Spring Cleaning Tips to Help Sell Your Home

It’s getting to that time of year when the weather is starting to improve, Spring is in the air and you may be thinking about moving home in the months ahead. We’ve put together some helpful tips on simple Spring cleaning tasks that may make a big difference in helping your home sell quickly.

Clean and de-clutter everywhere

It might sound basic, but a clean home can make a big difference when it comes to appealing to your potential buyers. Give your place a thorough clean for best results – wash walls, clean behind furniture, clean your paintwork and the windows. It’s also an opportunity to think twice about what you actually need and take the moment to donate any unwanted items to charity shops, or recycle what you can’t use. 

Apply a coat of fresh paint

Kerb appeal is everything, when it comes to setting those important first impressions for potential purchasers. Some simple maintenance here can make all the difference – if your front door or garage door needs a makeover, then it’s the ideal time to do it. Similarly, paint any window sills that have flaking paint and bring them back to new condition. 

Whilst the painting gear is out – look around elsewhere inside to see if anything else can be freshened up too. It’s a commonly-advised topic, but painting over brightly-coloured decoration with more neutral tones does help to present prospective buyers with a blank canvas that they can imagine themselves in. 

Give your bathroom and kitchen a makeover

Bathrooms and kitchens can really sell a home – so try and focus your energy on making these look tip-top. Firstly, look to de-clutter each room, and give each a deep-clean to really give the effect that they are almost new. This includes cleaning the grouting between tiles, cleaning the inside of each kitchen cupboard, and even as basic as cleaning the oven prior to prospective purchasers visiting – it all helps present your home in the best possible light.

Thoroughly clean all carpets and floors

Consider deep-cleaning your carpets and floors to remove any noticeable stains, and bring them back to their original condition. It may prove easier to bring in a professional cleaning team with specialised tools for certain types of flooring.

Tackle all the DIY jobs

If there’s a small DIY job that’s been nagging for a while – get it done! It may be something extremely simple, but a broken door handle or lightbulb that needs replacement can give buyers the idea that you don’t care for your home, so be sure to dedicate a few hours to fixing up the little tasks in order to reap the rewards later on. 

Create a home office

With hybrid working being commonplace in 2023, a home office space is a valuable commodity, and so do try and showcase this feature where you can. Add a desk, adequate light and a smart-looking plant to bring out the best and show your potential buyers how they could easily fit in working from home.

Spring clean the outdoors

If your home has a garden, then this will certainly add to the value – ensure that it’s tidy and shows potential buyers the opportunity for this space, whether it’s growing plants, a nicely-mowed lawn or weeding the patio area to show there’s space for a BBQ, the possibilities are endless.

It’s an ideal time to sort out the garage too – chances are like many these days, if you have a garage, it’s more likely to be storing junk than a motor vehicle. Sort though the clutter and get rid of what you don’t need. Clear as much floor space as possible to show potential buyers what they can do with the space, and the storage options available. 

Similarly, if you have any outbuildings, sheds, cabins, or home-bars – then give these a spring clean and just show the possibilities that they can offer buyers.

Make your house smell attractive

Smell is a much under-rated sense and one that can be used to great effect. Make sure your home gets plenty of fresh air with a daily airing and invest in some air fresheners with the same fragrance to dot around your home, but take care not to go over the top and give a pleasant welcoming smell for prospective buyers.

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