The value of mortgage advice

When making a big decision, it’s human nature to seek advice from those who know what they’re doing, whether it is choosing your next car or scoping your next holiday destination.. Buying a house is one of the biggest transactions you’ll ever make, so it makes sense to speak to an mortgage adviser before you get started. 

According to findings from Legal & General1, almost three quarters of consumers seek mortgage advice to help them find the right mortgage deal. In addition, 95% of those surveyed would recommend that their friends and family seek an adviser. 

Despite this however, there are still many homebuyers that go direct to lenders, potentially missing out on more suitable mortgage deals and lacking the vital advice that can help them ensure a secure future for their loved ones. You might already have a mortgage and be looking to remortgage. How do you know you’re getting the most appropriate one for you?

Your bank or building society may offer you a tempting mortgage deal, but without looking around properly, it’s easy into committing to something that you may later regret. 

This is where the real value of a mortgage adviser shows. We are able to look across the market at hundreds to thousands of mortgage deals and listen to your exact circumstances to recommend the most suitable deal for you. Not everyone is the same, and we listen before giving bespoke advice, based on years of experience.

Protecting you and your family

It’s important to protect you and your family for the future too. By going it alone, often you’ll miss out on vital advice on what’s out there to help ensure your home remains yours, even when life doesn’t go to plan. 

The average household is just 24 days from the breadline, should you lose your main source of income2 and over 35% of homebuyers surveyed by Legal & General3 said that they were concerned about their family’s financial security if one of them were to die or lose an income. 

When making such a big decision to buy a home, it’s vital to have a backup plan in place for you and your family’s peace of mind, but the range of protection insurances out there can seem overwhelming, and expensive. We will use our expertise to listen to your exact circumstances and recommend the protection that will benefit you and your family.

Six Reasons to Seek Mortgage, Protection & Insurance Advice

It is the role of your adviser to help you make the right financial decisions, based on your needs and circumstances.

We have visibility and access to a wide range of mortgage lenders and insurance providers, giving you greater choice.

Our advisers are fully qualified to help you with your borrowing needs, and act in line with Financial Conduct Authority regulations.  

We can help you with the details of your mortgage application, and we will aim to be accurate and timely.

We act truly in your own interests, listening to your circumstances and only recommending what’s right for you.  

We will explain which insurance policies are most applicable to you to make an informed judgement to protect you and your family.

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